What do honeybees do in the winter?

You may wonder why you never see honey bees in the winter time.  Do they hibernate? Do they die,...
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It’s the RAW thing!

We have delicious, 100% PURE, RAW local honey as well as other fantastic products right here...
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We Are Family

I’ve Got All my Bees & Me!  Yes, Hometown Honey is a Family Owned Business!  Learn More...
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Best in the Country!

Have you heard the BUZZ?  Hometown Honey named Best in the Country!  That’s right!  Read...
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It’s Cold Season – Are you Prepared?

There are few things that can make you miserable like a common cold.  It can come out of nowhere,...
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What’s in a Honey Bee Colony?

You may not think about it when you put the honey in your tea or use it for your baking or any one...
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Join our Bee-Lievers

Love our honey?  We do too!  And we love to hear your stories of how you found us!  Visit us on FB...
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Sweeeet! Check out our Recipes!

Honey can make a big difference when you are cooking out, baking in, or feeling under the...
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