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What do honeybees do in the winter?

You may wonder why you never see honey bees in the winter time.  Do they hibernate? Do they die, only to be active again when the young emerge from the hive as the weather warms?  Most bees and wasps do hibernate during winter months, but the honey bee does not.  They actually remain active all winter long and this is how they survive the harsh weather and lack of flowers. The honey bee’s ability to survive the winter depends upon the hive and the food storage within the hive.  Keeping…

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Bee Classes

Bee Classes Bee Classes offered by Hometown Honey Hometown Honey is proud to offer hands on classes for groups to learn more about raising honey bees and making honey. We will travel to your location and provide a 1-1.5 hour tutorial on all things BEES. Highlights include: An observation hive completely filled with worker bees in the process of making honey. Examples of all the equipment needed to produce honey including a real beehive, honey box, hand extractor, safety gear Posters, displays and a movie from Walt Disney about bees…

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