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What is Pure Honey?

If you have seen the label on one of our bottles or honey products, you may have noticed that it states “100% PURE HONEY”.  We do not use that language simply to promote our products.  We use those words because this is a legal definition for our honey.  You may wonder, What is pure honey or  – well, isn’t all honey 100% honey?  No, it is not.  Let me explain. Nearly all store bought honey comes from overseas and goes through an intense filtering process.  That process kills the live…

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It’s Spring! Bring On the Pollen!

Happy Spring everyone! It’s finally here and well, it feels like we never had a Winter, doesn’t it? Above average temperatures most of the season, in fact. And just as we were enjoying some of the blooms from the Bradford pears and early Azaleas, we got that late freeze last week and a lot of it went away. That should be good for staving off the pollen, right? WRONG, according to the experts. Asthma and allergy practitioners are seeing higher than normal health concerns related to pollen this year. Weather…

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What’s in a Honey Bee Colony?

You may not think about it when you put the honey in your tea or use it for your baking or any one of the other hundreds of fantastic uses for honey, but a honey bee hive is made up of very efficient working system.  Let’s take a look at each role. The Colony Honey bees living in a colony within a hive.  Think of it like this:  The hive is their physical home.  The colony is the structure that allows each bee a part in the system to do…

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What do honeybees do in the winter?

You may wonder why you never see honey bees in the winter time.  Do they hibernate? Do they die, only to be active again when the young emerge from the hive as the weather warms?  Most bees and wasps do hibernate during winter months, but the honey bee does not.  They actually remain active all winter long and this is how they survive the harsh weather and lack of flowers. The honey bee’s ability to survive the winter depends upon the hive and the food storage within the hive.  Keeping…

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Many Sweet Returns

Honey’s not only the best natural source for a sweetener, but it has benefits that most people do not know.  Got a cough or sore throat? These days, we run to the pharmacy but did you know that our parents and grandparents often relied on honey to soothe?  The common household cough syrup before bedtime recipe used to be the following: 1 tsp of local honey; squeeze of fresh lemon; shot of bourbon or whiskey.  Mix all together and take just before bedtime.  Who needed that awful green stuff in…

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