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What is Pure Honey?

If you have seen the label on one of our bottles or honey products, you may have noticed that it states “100% PURE HONEY”.  We do not use that language simply to promote our products.  We use those words because this is a legal definition for our honey.  You may wonder, What is pure honey or  – well, isn’t all honey 100% honey?  No, it is not.  Let me explain. Nearly all store bought honey comes from overseas and goes through an intense filtering process.  That process kills the live…

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Why is Local Honey Different (and Better) Than Store Bought Honey?

Many times the honey that you see on the store shelf is labeled “pure honey” when in fact, it is not. Pure honey is more than a label.  Pure honey, 100% pure honey, is the only honey to get the true benefits that honey has to offer.  Sure, you can purchase whatever the store sells and it will taste sweet but it will never taste the same as a pure, true 100% nature made honey, like we sell at Atlanta’s Home Town Honey.   What Makes Ours Different? First, most…

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