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What’s in a Honey Bee Colony?

You may not think about it when you put the honey in your tea or use it for your baking or any one of the other hundreds of fantastic uses for honey, but a honey bee hive is made up of very efficient working system.  Let’s take a look at each role. The Colony Honey bees living in a colony within a hive.  Think of it like this:  The hive is their physical home.  The colony is the structure that allows each bee a part in the system to do…

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What do honeybees do in the winter?

You may wonder why you never see honey bees in the winter time.  Do they hibernate? Do they die, only to be active again when the young emerge from the hive as the weather warms?  Most bees and wasps do hibernate during winter months, but the honey bee does not.  They actually remain active all winter long and this is how they survive the harsh weather and lack of flowers. The honey bee’s ability to survive the winter depends upon the hive and the food storage within the hive.  Keeping…

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It’s Cold Season – Are you Prepared?

There are few things that can make you miserable like a common cold.  It can come out of nowhere, over a few hours and attack your ability to focus because of the coughing, sneezing, headache, chills and more.  The cough will keep you awake at night, robbing you of valuable rest needed to fight the cold. The problem with OTC medicines is that they each have their own set of problems ranging from drowsiness, upset stomach, dry mouth and more.  But a cold can be effectively combated by using natural…

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Why Do We Need Honey Bees?

Honey bees: they are more than just a source of honey.  Here are some answers to recent customer questions from Atlanta’s Home Town Honey owner, Brian Higgins. How do honey bees help our environment? Honey bees produce over 860 different kinds of honey in the 50  US states.  The color, taste, and smell come from the different flowers the bees collect the nectar from.  1 out of every 3 bites we eat is directly from the bees.  The main job is to pollenate the flowers.  In turn the flower creates the…

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It’s the RAW thing!

We have delicious, 100% PURE, RAW local honey as well as other fantastic products right here online!   Our wax is also perfect for making your own candles and soaps. Looking for items that are made from our naturally good honey? Shop Now for honey, honey infused products, candles and more! Please follow and like us:

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Sweeeet! Check out our Recipes!

Honey can make a big difference when you are cooking out, baking in, or feeling under the weather.  We have a large recipe box and we are adding them to our website regularly.  Got one you want to share?  Follow us on FB and send yours in.  We will be happy to share it on our website too! Please follow and like us:

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Quality Time with Little Bee

 My name is Shandia Little. I’m a fairly new and local children’s book author. My latest book is entitled, “Quality Time with Little Bee”. I purchased a jar of your honey at a local produce stand in Acworth. I was captivated by your beehive jar. I would love to visit you and learn more about need and share my children’s book. I’m in the process of writing Little Bee Volume 2 and I believe a visit to your site would benefit my research.   Learn more about how you can…

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