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What are the benefits of honey?

We are proud to own a business making 100% Pure & Raw Honey.  We sell in locations all around the Metro Atlanta area, at Farmer’s Markets and, of course, here online.  While we are out buzzing around, we often get asked “what are the benefits of honey“? The benefits of honey are many.  It’s not just a food.  We thought we would write this article to inspire you to incorporate raw honey into your lifestyle as well as your diet! Dietary Uses of Honey Honey has many benefits to help digestion,…

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Do Honeybees Have Feelings? Thoughts?

It may seem like a silly question to consider that a honeybee could possibly have feelings, thoughts or any type of conscious experience but scientists are studying that very theory.  Consider this: bees communicate with those in their hives as to the ways to locate nectar.  Bees can sense danger, learn how to swarm together to ward off an attack on their hive and protect.  Those very actions are deemed to be a type of consciousness or awareness but where the fine line is, well, that seems to be the…

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