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Honeybees Just Know

Honeybees know things.  Like when it’s going to rain.  Or when the weather will begin to change to cooler temperatures long before it begins to change.  They know which plants to visit and how often.   How do we know these things about honeybees and why does it matter? Take a look at these things and think about how YOU get your information. Rain While we watch weather radars, honeybees do not.  Or at least, not the way we do.  Honeybees rely on pollen so when it’s going to rain, they…

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Why is Local Honey Different (and Better) Than Store Bought Honey?

Many times the honey that you see on the store shelf is labeled “pure honey” when in fact, it is not. Pure honey is more than a label.  Pure honey, 100% pure honey, is the only honey to get the true benefits that honey has to offer.  Sure, you can purchase whatever the store sells and it will taste sweet but it will never taste the same as a pure, true 100% nature made honey, like we sell at Atlanta’s Home Town Honey.   What Makes Ours Different? First, most…

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Why Do We Need Honey Bees?

Honey bees: they are more than just a source of honey.  Here are some answers to recent customer questions from Atlanta’s Home Town Honey owner, Brian Higgins. How do honey bees help our environment? Honey bees produce over 860 different kinds of honey in the 50  US states.  The color, taste, and smell come from the different flowers the bees collect the nectar from.  1 out of every 3 bites we eat is directly from the bees.  The main job is to pollenate the flowers.  In turn the flower creates the…

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From our friends at Trackside Grill!

Not only did we win this week’s Southern Local Motive with our friends at Trackside Grill, but they featured us on their blog!  Trackside Grill is an awesome place to have that business meeting to impress, hold an event,  or for a sit down dining experience you won’t believe.  In the heart of downtown Kennesaw,  Trackside has been a huge part of keeping Main Street vital for years. If you have never been there,  you owe it to yourself to try it out. Treat yourself to one of their Southern…

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